1998-11-25 Wuppertal

Wuppertal, Germany – November 25th, 1998,
Musikschule Wuppertal-Einern,
composer Frank Niehusmann – a portrait concert,
held by Bergische Gesellschaft für Neue Musik,
with tape-music, videos and live-performance
by Frank Niehusmann

1998-08-21 Trier

Trier, Germany – August 21st … September 19th, 1998,
Galerie Markus Nohn,
exhibition of works by Christian Paulsen,
including performances of the video
„Passengers“ with music by Frank Niehusmann

1998-02-28 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany – February 28th, 1998,
first performance of the the audio-visual composition
„Emscher Park Overdrive“ (digital betacam, 30 min.),
a collaboration with filmmaker Arnd Stein
at the cinema „Rio“