2000-10-14 Remscheid

Remscheid, Germany – October 14th 2000, (6 pm),
Städtische Galerie Remscheid,
audio-visual performance „GRAU“:
collaboration with Gisela Brinkmann (painter)

2000-05-13 Essen

Essen, Germany – May 13th, 2000,
Kunsthaus Essen,
first performance of the audio-visual composition „GRAU“
collaboration with Gisela Brinkmann (painter):
* more about Kunsthaus Essen:
[ http://www.kunsthaus-essen.de ]

2000-04-06 Gainesville, Florida (USA)

Gainesville, Florida, USA – April 6th-8th 2000,
University of Gainesville, Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival,
performance of the 8-channel-composition „Scherzo for windows 2.0″;
„Scherzo for windows 2.0″ is the 8-channel-version of the
„Scherzo for windows“ which is a movement from the piece „Schnitt!“;
more about the piece „Schnitt!“:
https://www.niehusmann.org/live ]
more about the Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival:
[ http://emu.music.ufl.edu/ ]

2000-04-03 Dortmund

Dortmund, Germany – April 3rd, 2000 (10 pm),
Theater im Depot, Festival „Theaterzwang 2000“,
the theatre-play „Mama“ by Rolf Dennemann (director) and Frank Niehusmann (composer) was performed and awarded the prize of the „Stiftung Kunst und Kultur des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen“ (Foundation for the arts and culture of North Rhine-Westphalia) and the „Kultursekretariat Nordrhein-Westfalen“ (Bureau for cultural affairs in North Rhine-Westphalia);
„Mama“ was produced by artscenico performing arts:
http://www.artscenico.de ]