2002-11-23 Bochum

BOCHUM, Germany – November 23rd, 2002:
audio-video performance „Maschinenraum“ by khmfn (Karl-Heinz Mauermann and Frank Niehusmann) live at the film & video festival „Blicke aus dem Ruhrgebiet“ celebrating the festival’s 10th anniversary.
Location: cinema „Endstation“ inside the former railway station „Langendreer“, Wallbaumweg 108, Bochum/Germany.
* More details:
[ http://www.semantic-error.de/maschinen/maschine01.htm ]
[ http://www.blicke.org ]
[ http://www.endstationkino.de ]

2002-11-10 Essen

ESSEN, Germany – November 10th, 2002:
Triple-Z-Building, Katernberger Strasse 145,
public performance of the video „Emscher Park Overdrive“
in the frame of „Grenzen und Identitäten“ („borders and identities“) –
a congress about the social developement of the urban region along the river Ruhr;
* more about the video „Emscher Park Overdrive“:
https://www.niehusmann.org/emscher-park-overdrive ]

2002-09-28 Essen

ESSEN, Germany – September 28th + 29th, 2002:
first pre-view on „Maschinenraum“ by khmfn,
(an audio-video performance, collaboration with Karl-Heinz-Mauermann)
part of the two-day-event „Kunstspur Essen“,
location: Wurstküche, Gareisstr. 90, Essen;
* more about „Maschinenraum“:
http://www.semantic-error.de/maschinen/maschine01.htm ]

2002-09-13 Stockton, USA

STOCKTON/California, USA – September 13th, 2002:
„Music Beyond Performance“-concert series presents
„Fragrance“ by Frank Niehusmann;
the Conservatory Computer Studio for Music Composition (CCSMC) at the Conservatory of Music, University of the Pacific, Stockton/California, presents the first annual „Music Beyond Performance“ concert featuring electroacoustic tape music composed for four or more channels of recorded sound.
Program 2002:
NEKYIA – Gareth Loy
FRAGRANCE – Frank Niehusmann
VOICES PART II – Todor Todoroff
The „Music Beyond Performance“-festival is organized by Robert Coburn, Director of the Conservatory of Music, University of the Pacific, Stockton, California;
* more information about „Music Beyond Performance“:
[ http://www.pacific.edu/conservatory/…/music_beyond_performance.asp ]
* more information about „FRAGRANCE“:
https://www.niehusmann.org/fragrance ]

2002-07-05 Wuppertal

WUPPERTAL, Germany – July 5th, 2002
„Konkret zu Abstrakt“ (Ralf Haarmann & Frank Niehusmann):
performance of „Etüde für Schlagzeugklänge Nr.1“ –
composition for two laptop computers;
Huppertsbergfabrik in Wuppertal-Elberfeld,
festival „72 Stunden multimediale Kunst / Angriff auf das Denken“
curated and produced by Eberhard Kranemann & BrindlArt;
* more about Ralf Haarmann:
[ http://www.klangkunstlabor.de ]

2002-05-30 Wien (Österreich)

Performance of „Heimat & Antarktis
during the open-air-event „literatur-schallmauer“
at „cafe ci“ (Yppenplatz) as opening program to the annual
„soho in ottakring“-festival
* more about „Heimat & Antarktis“:
https://www.niehusmann.org/heimat-antarktis ]

„literatur-schallmauer“ is a project by Vienna based artist Christoph Theiler.

* Literatur Schallmauer – Literature Sound Barrier,
* 30. Mai 2002, 14.00 – 21.00 Uhr, Playlist:

Frank Niehusmann: Heimat & Antarktis, 42:00 min.
Hannah Clemen: The Art of Breathing, 10:06 min.
Timothy Brown: Kyrie, 4:00 min.
Isabelle Noel: ALLO? PHONE!, 7:08 min.
Jeff Myers: Gestations I, 4:11 min.
Christopher de Laurenti: Your 3 minute Mardi Gras, 3:00 min.
Christopher de Laurenti: Cocaine, 7:30 min.
Christopher de Laurenti: At Stephie´s, 6:50 min.
Anthony Linden Jones: Mandala, 6:58 min.
Per Bloland: Under Water, 8:36 min.
Anne Beffel: Fictitious Circles, 4:50 min.
Greg Jerome Bowers: Eurydice Returns, 7:02 min.
Alice Shields: Vegetable Karma, 14:50 min.
William Price: 2 Days in the Tank, 4:42 min.
Brian Schorn: A Catalogue of Numbers, 2:11 min.
Brian Schorn: Vocal Study, 3:24 min.
Andrian Pertout: El Primer Viaje, 10:14 min.
Andrew Eyman: Hollywood Babylon (Tr.2), 30:00 min.
Seongah Shin: Sarah 90, 8:27 min.
Bill McDonald: That´s OK, 6:45 min.
Arthur Gottschalk: Strictly Biological, 3:25 min.
Arthur Gottschalk: Persephone´s Ode to Jack Kerouac, 7:55 min.
Arthur Gottschalk: Piruette, 3:00 min.
Burton Beerman: Song Cycle, 9:94 min.
Colin Black: Australian Summer Solstice, 5:32 min.
Peter Pessl / Renate Pittroff: Und doch nahe genug kein Wort, 28:35 min.
Ginger Mayerson: The Gale, 15:02 min.
Joshua Penman: Emergence of the Luminous Beings, 5:45 min.
Joshua Penman: Voices of the Luminous Beings, 1:17 min.
Ryan Ingebritzen: Echoing Your Voice Like the Ringing in my Ears, 14:44 min.
Daniel Antonio Miraglia: Presencias reales, 10:34 min.
Daniel Antonio Miraglia: En el comienzo fue la Palabra, 5:38 min.
Ben Harper: Wandering Split, 3:44 min.
Linda Dusman: Becoming Gertrude, 12:29 min.
Andrew Dionne: Ezekiel´s Vision, 8:45 min.
Frederic Inigo: Avez-vous vu?, 6:06 min.
Jan Willcock: Face, 5:00 min.
Manfred Judmaier / Christoph Theiler: Text Fusion, 54:00 min.

2002-02-22 Berlin

Hoercomic-88 / Radio Edit
is Frank Niehusmann’s contribution to the
net-project „Hoerspielbox“;
„Hoercomic-88 / Radio Edit“ was – also in the frame of
the „Hoerspielbox“ – part of the radio show
„Sound Rules No. 3/22″ on
Sender Freies Berlin (SFB)
on March 22nd, 2002.
* more about Hoerspielbox – including mp3-file of the piece:
[ http://www.hoerspielbox.de/pool/index_ars_acoustica.htm ]

2002-02 Berlin

BERLIN, Germany – February 2002
the piece „Hörcomic-88 / Radio Edit“ is
Frank Niehusmann’s contribution to the
net-project „Hörspielbox“.
„Hörcomic-88 / Radio Edit“ was – also in the frame of
the „Hörspielbox“ – part of the radio show
„Sound Rules # 3/22″ on Sender Freies Berlin (SFB)
on March 22nd, 2002.
* more about Hoerspielbox:
[ http://www.hoerspielbox.de/pool/index_ars_acoustica.htm ]

2002-01-07 Phoenix-TV

TV „Phoenix“, Germany – January 7th … 11th, 2002
Abenteuer Ruhrpott
film in 4 parts by Werner Kubny (director),
music by Frank Niehusmann;
Part 1: January 7th, 8.15 pm (and January 8th, 10.00 am),
Part 2: January 8th, 8.15 pm (and January 9th, 10.00 am),
Part 3: January 9th, 8.15 pm (and January 10th, 10.00 am),
Part 4: January 10th, 8.15 pm (and January 11th, 10.00 am),
* more about „Abenteuer Ruhrpott“:
https://www.fernsehserien.de/abenteuer-ruhrpott ]