2004-11-17 Radio, wdr 3

„wdr 3 – Studio Elektronische Musik“ plays
„Macchina futura utopica“ with works by
Luigi Russolo, Pierre Henry, Otto Luening, François Bayle,
Doug Aitken & Steve Roden, Carl Stone, John Bischoff and
Frank Niehusmann.
* Frank Niehusmann’s composition „Arbeit“ is published on the
CD „DEGEM CD7 – kontinuum … bruchlos“,
a compilation of electronic music from Germany by Cybele Records:
https://www.niehusmann.org/kontinuum-bruchlos ]
* more about the WDR3 broadcasting:
https://www.niehusmann.org/wdr3-2004-11-17 ]

2004-10-29 Köln

live performance of INKAN
(analogue version with open reel tape machines);
also on stage: a duett with
Janec Schaefer (modified turntables) &
Frank Niehusmann (tape machines);
concert organized and recorded by radio
„WDR3 open – Studio Akustische Kunst“;
venue: WDR Funkhaus Wallrafplatz, Kleiner Sendesaal, Cologne;
more about Janec Schaefer:
[ http://www.audioh.com/directory.html ]
more about WDR:
[ http://www.wdr.de ]