2003-11-09 SEOUL, Korea

performance of „videoversion: the mad child“ at the
Seoul International Computer Music Festival;
„videoversion: the mad child“ is a audio-visual work by khmfn
(khmfn are Karl-Heinz Mauermann & Frank Niehusmann) with
music by Frank Niehusmann and video by Karl-Heinz Mauermann;
the music in „videoversion: the mad child“ is originally released as
„Das verrückte Kind“ – (a part of the work „Schnitt!“)
on the CD „LIVE“ by Frank Niehusmann;
* more about the CD „LIVE“:
https://www.niehusmann.org/live ]
* more about Karl-Heinz Mauermann:
[ http://www.semantic-error.de ]
* more about the Seoul International Computer Music Festival:
[ http://www.keams.org/neweng/sic4.htm ]